Review of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

 I absolutely loved this book. It was so good and so different from other stuff I have read. The author never really tells you who the bad guy is in the novel, you think you know who it is, but then a curve is thrown at you. So the main character is Nora who starts to develop a crush on her new seating partner, Patch. Except Patch seems to know really specific things about Nora, which scares her and he won't tell her anything about himself. He seems dangerous, but also really HOT and nice. Then weird things start to happen to Nora, she is attacked, someone goes through her house, etc. And Nora thinks dangerous (but HOT) Patch is behind this, EVEN though she really likes him. I cannot give the ending away, but you have to check this book out. I cannot wait for the next book, Crescendo!!

Reviewed by Manisha D., Grade 10