Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin

 Phoebe meets Mallory in seventh grade when Phoebe shuns the popular clique and befriends the odd new girl Mallory. Mallory and Phoebe are inseparable for the next four years until Mallory reveals she has a never-before-mentioned brother and it's revealed to the reader that Mallory and her brother Rylant are faeries out to manipulate Phoebe and bring her to the Faerie Queen for some unknown and mysterious purpose. If you like faeries and paranormal fiction you are going to LOVE this book. But even if you tend to like more realistic books, I still think you'll enjoy reading about the drama that arises when two friends as close as sisters are torn apart because of a boy. If you like this one, also check out her last novel Impossible about a girl who has 9 months to break an ancient curse in order to save herself and her unborn baby.

If you really hate faeries but think this books would be perfect without them, check out some of Nancy Werlin's other fantasy-free books, like Rules of Survival, Locked Inside and Double Helix