Bumped by Megan McCafferty

 In Megan McCafferty’s new novel, Bumped, everyone in the world has contracted a virus that causes infertility after the age of 18, making teen pregnancies the only way to continue civilization.Chapters alternate between twins Melody and Harmony, separated at birth and just meeting for the first time.Melody has become the first “Reproduction Professional,” or “RePro”, in her school.She has a contract to “bump” and produce a baby for a wealthy couple.Harmony has recently run away from her religious enclave in order to convince Melody to break her contract and embrace God instead.In a case of mistaken identity, Harmony intercepts the news the Melody will “bump” with the world’s most famous surrogate father and the plot (and a huge mess!) unfolds from there.Each twin begins to doubt their motives and original plans.
I think you’re going to love this book!It’s fast-paced and upbeat (if you can call a dystopia upbeat!) and once you get the hang of all the slang it’s a quick read.The end is a bit of cliff-hanger though so you’ll have to wait for Book #2 for the conclusion!