Book Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

 Lauren Oliver, the author of Before I Fall, is back with her second novel and it's quite a bit different from her first! In Delirium, the United States borders are closed to the rest of the world with an electric fence and everyone is treated for the deadly disease amor deliria nervosa (formerly known as love and now called delirium) at the age 18. Without love, Lena and others who buy the government line believe that without love there will be no suffering and unhappiness. Lena meets Alex, a member of the resistance and quickly succumbs to delirium. Once Lena sees the world outside the fence where freedom and love reign, she is desperate to save herself and escape before her 18th birthday. The plot may be a little predictable but it's definitely worth the read anyway. Lena is likable, the world Oliver creates is creepy and interesting and you'll want to know how this one ends (and be ready for the release of book 2!).