Borrowing Information

How do I find the limits on the amout of items that can be check-out at one time?

There are no limits on the amount of material that can be borrowed, with the exception of Museum Passes which have a limit of one pass checked out at a time.

How do I pay fees on my Library account?

Fees are paid with cash or checks made out to "Bernards Township Library".  The Library cannot accept credit cards or debit cards for payment.  Fees for overdue fines can be paid at the Bernards Township Library, or, at any of the 37 M.A.I.N. (Morris Automated Information Network) libraries.

Where do I return borrowed Library items?

Cannot get to the Library to return your borrowed items?  Return borrowed Library items twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  Return date is backdated to the previous pick-up from remote book drop sites.  Book return locations as follows:

  • The Hills - Hansom Rd. Clubhouse. Daily pick up Monday - Friday
  • Somerset Hills YMCA - 140 Mt. Airy Rd. Weekly pick up Friday

How do I get an Adult Library Card?

Residents of Bernards Township are eligible for a Library card.  Please visit the Circulation desk and bring proof of residency, for example, updated driver's license, utility bill, or lease.

Non-residents of Bernards Township who work in town more than 20 hours/week can get a Library card.  Please visit the Circulation desk and bring proof of employment in town, such as a letter from your employeer, employee ID tag, or pay stub.

How can my child get a library card?

Children of any age as well as students attending school in Bernards Township may apply for a library card. For residents, a parent / guardian must have a library card, be in good standing and be present when the child is applying.

Where can I use my library card?

Thirty seven libraries that are members of the Morris Automated Information Network (MAIN) [1] as well as those libraries in . . . [1]

My item is due, can I renew it?

Bernards Township Library materials can be renewed twice if the item has not been requested by another library patron.  However, some items borrowed from other M.A.I.N. (Morris Automated Information Network) libraries have different renewal terms are not all renewable.

How long can items be checked out for?

  • New Adult Books - 2 weeks
  • Regular Adult Books - 4 weeks
  • Teen Books - 4 weeks
  • Magazines - 1 week (current issues do not circulate)
  • New Audiobooks - 2 weeks
  • Regular Audiobooks - 4 weeks
  • Large Print Books - 4 weeks
  • VHS/DVDs - 2 weeks
  • Rental movies - 2 days (if checked-out Thursday or Friday, due on Monday)
  • Music CDs - 2 weeks
  • Video Games & Nintendo DS - 1 week
  • Children’s Materials - 2 weeks

What does the library offer beyond books?

  • Book Discussion Groups — Daytime and Evening
  • Books for sale and for free
  • PC Workstations with Internet Access and Microsoft Office and other software
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Programs for all ages — Adults, Children Teens
  • Leisure Learning Programs
  • Research and Reference Service
  • Display Cases
  • Quiet Study Rooms
  • Local History Room
  • Program rooms available to local not-for-profit groups
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