Borrow Library Items

What can I borrow from the library and for how long?

Length of Loan

New adult books, large print, and new audio books
2 weeks

Older adult books, large print, and audio books
4 weeks

Children’s items
2 weeks

Teen books
4 weeks

Can I renew my borrowed library items to extend the loan period beyond the due date?

Most Library items can be renewed twice if the item has not been requested by another Library patron.  However, some items borrowed from others in our network of partner libraries have different renewal terms and are not renewable beyond the original due date.

How do I renew Library items?

There are several ways to renew your borrowed Library items:

How many items can I have checked-out on my Library account?

There is a limit of 200 items checked-out on your Library card at one time.  There is a limit of 4 downloadable eBooks and/or audio books on your Library checked-out at one time.

Where do I return borrowed Library items?

Return items 24/7 to our outside book drops.  Return date is backdated to the previous pick-up from the book drop sites.  Please return Museum Passes to Bernards Library or to the after-hours book drops located at the Library, not the remote book returns.

Can I return borrowed Library items to a different library?

Yes, most borrowed Library items can be returned to the following libraries in our network of partner libraries.  The items will be checked-in and removed from your Library Account at the time it is returned, and then sent back to the owning library.  However, rental movies and museum passes must be returned here to Bernards Township Library.

Library items cannot be returned to Bernardsville Library or Clarence Dillon Library in Bedminster

What are the fees if my Library items are not returned on the due date?

Extended loan fees for "overdue" or late Library items are $.10 per day on most Library items.  Museum passes are $5.00 per day (no limit) and Rental DVDs are $1.00 per day.  Extended Loan fees accrue daily, until overdue materials are returned and may reach a maximum extended loan fee of $5.00 for each Adult and Teen item (except Museum passes), $3.50 for each Children’s item.

How do I pay fees on my Library account?

Fees are paid with cash or checks made payable to “Bernards Township Library”.  The Library cannot accept credit cards or debit cards for payment.

My borrowed Library item(s) is lost or damaged ; what do I do?

  1. Pay the replacement retail price of the item (ask us for the replacement price), or,
  2. Purchase a replacement copy; the replacement copy must be:
    1. New – used copies are not accepted as replacements
    2. An exact match of the lost or damaged item (same ISBN)
  3. If the item is owned by a different library, please contact them for procedures (most of our partner libraries do NOT accept replacement copies).
  4. After a lost item is paid or replaced, no refunds are given if the item is later found.
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